Aeronautical Telecommunications
Service Provider

Aeronautical Telecommunications Ltd provides Telecommunication, electronic, electrical and data communication equipment installation and maintenance. Formed in 1978 primarily to provide support and maintenance to the Communication and Navigational systems being used by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, which is now our parent company and major client

AEROTEL provides maintenance and other support services to a number of clients, including but not limited to the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF), AJAS, Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ), the National Meteorological Service (MET), Airline offices, Earthquake and SITA.

Being a business partner to ARINC – Federal Aviation Administration and Satellite Communication System International, AEROTEL provides service to a number of airlines facilitating data between aircraft and their offices on the ground through Aircraft Communications and Addressing Response System.

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority ensures that aircraft traverse our air space safely and efficiently using the communication navigation and surveillance systems maintained by AEROTEL.

AEROTEL is committed to providing first class engineering services to support the JCAA, endeavor to provide a safe and viable airspace

through continued maintenance of Navigational Aid Equipment, which includes Doppler VHF Omni range equipment, Instrument landing System (ILS), and the Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) located at both international airports.

AEROTEL’s responsibility extends to the maintenance of surveillance systems, consisting of three radar systems situated at strategic locations throughout the island. Maintenance of a microwave telecommunications backbone, air to ground VHF radios and all associated sub-systems are included in our maintenance structure.

AEROTEL saw the opportunity to bring something new to radio, and in 2002 commenced operation of KOOL 97 FM radio station transmitting on the 97 MHz band throughout the length and breadth of Jamaica and the World Wide Web.