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Provider of ICT Operations, Engineering and Technical Maintenance Services for Aviation Control Systems and Radio Broadcasting Services

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About Us

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Providing telecommunication services for decades

Aeronautical Telecommunication Ltd. (AEROTEL) was formed in August 1978 primarily to provide support and maintenance for the Communication and Navigational systems owned and operated by its parent company and main client, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority.

The company previously worked as a private international entity, International Aeradio (Caribbean) Limited, which operated in Jamaica between 1950 and 1978 and provided navigational services through radio and telegraph links to give information on the movement of aircraft.

Our Mission

To provide Engineering and Specialized Telecommunication Services on behalf of the Government of Jamaica, in keeping with the Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization Conventions through a highly trained, competent and motivated management team and staff, to the highest level of proficiency, accuracy and integrity, for our clients in the Aviation Sector, for the preservation of life and property in Jamaica’s air space.

What we do?

AEROTEL installs, maintains and operates telecommunication, electronic, electrical and data communication equipment on behalf of the Government of Jamaica for the Civil Aviation Authority of Jamaica. Our services are critical to the aviation industry as we maintain the communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems that are used by air traffic controllers and other relevant professionals to support safe transit of aircraft into, out of, and through Jamaica’s airspace.

Our staff

Our technicians are qualified personnel in telecommunications, electronics or IT engineering who have further received extensive specialist aeronautical training. Their work is based on exacting levels of precision and quality that are regulated by local and international oversight. They also have to be available for call out at any time of day or night, to travel as required to any of our corporate or airport operating sites, or to our deep rural aeronautical high locations, to ensure that CNS equipment is working well, and thereby, help ensure the safety, mobility and economic well-being of Jamaica.

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