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ATC Tower

On-going projects

A new ATC Tower at SIA Montego Bay will be commissioned soon. An Air Traffic Management System is also in an advanced state of implementation, with AEROTEL supporting the work of the selected international contractor. Under this arrangement, the legacy radar facilities at the international airports and the Mt. Denham mid-island high point in North Manchester will be replaced by new technology radar equipment. These will work in tandem with a new central automation system including monitoring display screens, and new air-to-ground radios for talking to pilots.

Jamaica’s Air Traffic Controllers will, therefore, have first class communication, surveillance, authority and control over all the flight activity occurring within their jurisdiction, to ensure safety.

Our recent projects

AEROTEL’s main focus over the past year has been in providing technical support to the JCAA’s multi-billion dollar infrastructure modernization programme, and in particular three key component projects:

  • A new Instrument Landing system (ILS) at Sangster International Airport (SIA)
  • New Air Traffic Control (ATC) Towers at the Norman Manley International (NMIA) and SIA Airports

ATC Towers

The ATC towers are state-of-the-art structures from which air traffic controllers operate to provide final approach services to aircraft, facilitating safe navigation to the airport area, safe landing on the runway, and safe arrival at the terminal building. The new towers in Jamaica are comparable to the best worldwide, containing advanced equipment to facilitate the work of the air traffic controllers.

Vac and ICT

AEROTEL worked with the international contractors on the implementation of the electrical, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (VAC) and ICT services, supported the commissioning of the NMIA Tower, and has since been responsible for the necessary equipment operations and maintenance services.

ILS at Sangster International Airport

The ILS is a critical aircraft navigational aid that assists pilots to land safely, particularly during periods of bad weather and poor visibility. AEROTEL supported the successful installation of the new ILS at SIA which is now awaiting the final aircraft flight check before full in-service commissioning.

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